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Membrane structure is customised fabric structure that is made and builds to suit your own design. The roofing material is made of Polymer Textile or foil. These structures can encourage a wide range of applications from small canopies to a huge stadium or amphitheatre. Membrane Structure is always refered as Tensioned Fabric Structure or “TFS”. Most commonly used Textile material for Tensioned Fabric Structure are Polyester coated PVC and Glass Fiber coated PTFE.

Polyerster Coated PVC

PVC coated Polyester Fabric (PES/PVC) is the oldest and still widely used for Membrane Structure. PVC coating combined with a top coating of PVDF (Ployvinylidene fluoride), they perform satisfactorily under adverse at mospheric conditions. The main advantage of PVC coated Polyester fabricare are their high tensile strength (60-200kN/M), a high elongation at repture (15-20%) and superior flexibility.

Glass Fiber Coated PTFE

PTFE unique thermal stability and self-cleaning properties make PTFE ideal for projects require superior weather and Fire Resistance. PTFE coated glass fiber membranes are today considered the modern membrane material. Their main advantage are their high tensile strength, the high modulus of elasticity, the superior of fire resistance, self-cleaning properties and excellent durability and weather resisting ability. Their only disadvantage compared to Polyester is the base membrane reducing flexibility during shipping and installation because of higher modulus of elasticity.

High Density Polyesterine

Sunshade is a canopy of shelter which uses shade fabric made of HDPE (High Density Polyesterine). This sunshade is design for Sun Protection. Sunshade can be designed from small canopy to a large scale of construction. Shade Fabric has 12 designed colors for your selection.